Malinka is a brand present not only in Italy. Infact, was able to get broad consensus abroad, where has embarked on a major project with the opening of two brand stores that could give rise to the development of a real franchise Malinka.
The Malinka stores offer a vast assortment and the company PDF International offers assistance to support them at every stage, from the opening to the management.The atmosphere of these store reflects the Malinka philosophy. A young and dynamic brand, constantly updated according to the new trends in the market and able to meet the needs of consumers of all ages and life styles.In the store there is skilled and available staff.

Benefits of opening a store brand Malinka:

Punctual logistics and restocking
Large assortment (not only make up, also product for hair, shampoo color, accessories…)
Assistance in the formulation and management of retail
Expansion of the line
Promotional activities
Support advertising business through the official website and social network.